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Head First Android Development: A Brain-Friendly Guide

What will you learn from this book?

If you have an idea for a killer Android app, this fully revised and updated edition will help you build your first working application in a jiffy. You’ll learn hands-on how to structure your app, design flexible and interactive interfaces, run services in the background, make your app work on various smartphones and tablets, and much more. It’s like having an experienced Android developer sitting right next to you! All you need to get started is some Java know-how.

Why does this book look so different?

Based on the latest research in cognitive science and learning theory, Head First Android Development uses a visually rich format to engage your mind, rather than a text-heavy approach that puts you to sleep. Why waste your time struggling with new concepts? This multi-sensory learning experience is designed for the way your brain really works.

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Management 101: From Hiring and Firing to Imparting New Skills, an Essential Guide to Management Strategies (Adams 101)

A crash course in managing productive, successful, and happy employees!

Effective employee management is imperative to a business’ success, but all too often management books turn the important details of best practices into tedious reading that would put even a CEO to sleep. Management 101 cuts out the boring explanations of management policies, and instead provides hand-on lessons that keep you engaged as you learn how to manage productive, happy employees. From hiring and firing to delegating and coaching, this primer is packed with hundreds of entertaining tidbits and concepts that you won’t be able to get anywhere else. So whether you’re a business owner, a middle-manager with many direct reports, or an entry-level employee learning to supervise interns, Management 101 has all the answers–even the ones you didn’t know you were looking for.

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Security Principles for PHP Applications: A php[architect] guide

Security is an ongoing process not something to add right before your app launches. In this book, you’ll learn how to write secure PHP applications from first principles. Why wait until your site is attacked or your data is breached? Prevent your exposure by being aware of the ways a malicious user might hijack your web site or API.

Security Principles for PHP Applications is a comprehensive guide. This book contains examples of vulnerable code side-by-side with solutions to harden it. Organized around the 2017 OWASP Top Ten list, topics cover include:

  • Injection Attacks
  • Authentication and Session Management
  • Sensitive Data Exposure
  • Access Control and Password Handling
  • PHP Security Settings
  • Cross-Site Scripting
  • Logging and Monitoring
  • API Protection
  • Cross-Site Request Forgery
  • …and more.

    Written by PHP professional Eric Mann, this book builds on his experience in building secure, web applications with PHP.

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  • The Hacker Playbook 3: Practical Guide To Penetration Testing

    Back for the third season, The Hacker Playbook 3 (THP3) takes your offensive game to the pro tier. With a combination of new strategies, attacks, exploits, tips and tricks, you will be able to put yourself in the center of the action toward victory.

    The main purpose of this book is to answer questions as to why things are still broken. For instance, with all the different security products, secure code reviews, defense in depth, and penetration testing requirements, how are we still seeing massive security breaches happening to major corporations and governments? The real question we need to ask ourselves is, are all the safeguards we are putting in place working? This is what The Hacker Playbook 3 – Red Team Edition is all about.

    By now, we are all familiar with penetration testing, but what exactly is a Red Team? Red Teams simulate real-world, advanced attacks to test how well your organization’s defensive teams respond if you were breached. They find the answers to questions like: Do your incident response teams have the right tools, skill sets, and people to detect and mitigate these attacks? How long would it take them to perform these tasks and is it adequate? This is where you, as a Red Teamer, come in to accurately test and validate the overall security program.

    THP3 will take your offensive hacking skills, thought processes, and attack paths to the next level. This book focuses on real-world campaigns and attacks, exposing you to different initial entry points, exploitation, custom malware, persistence, and lateral movement–all without getting caught! This heavily lab-based book will include multiple Virtual Machines, testing environments, and custom THP tools.

    So grab your helmet and let’s go break things! For more information, visit

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    Normal Cell Morphology in Canine and Feline Cytology: An Identification Guide

    A concise and practical visual guide to normal cell identification for all those dealing with cytology in the dog and cat. 

    Normal Cell Morphology in Canine and Feline Cytology: An Identification Guide takes a uniquely visual approach to normal cell identification in dogs and cats. Single-page presentations offer vivid snapshots of particular cell types, with high quality microphotographs matched with annotated schematic diagrams and accompanying explanatory text. Providing a vital understanding of what normal cells look like, this text is ideal for all those in small animal veterinary practice examining cytology samples.

    The book begins with a concise, yet comprehensive introduction to the principles of morphological identification, followed by a description of the distribution of cells and where different cell types can be sampled from in the various tissues and organs. The main part of the book is devoted to describing each cell type and its characteristics. Cytoarchitectures, observed non-cellular material and general pathological changes are also described.

    • Offers a unique alphabetically organised visual guide to each cell type, covering cells from every type of organ and system
    • Features an abundance of full-colour microphotographs accompanied by beautifully rendered schematic diagrams, making cell identification quick and easy
    • Includes a visual index for ultimate ease of navigation at the microscope

    Normal Cell Morphology in Canine and Feline Cytology is a must-have text for veterinary students and an indispensable bench manual for small animal veterinary practitioners. 

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    Web Application Security the Fast Guide

    A book authored by Dr. Sami Khiami discusses the concept of web application security and explain the attack process, attack types and different used methodologies to achieve an acceptable level of application security.

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    Project Management Skills for Instructional Designers: A Practical Guide

    This book exposes the reader to a comprehensive overview of instructional design using the Instructional Systems Design (ISD or ADDIE) model and project management techniques based on the framework and standards of the Project Management Institute and the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) Guide best practices. Throughout the book, ADDIE and project management are united in a “four-step combo”. Readers are taught to groove two disciplines to one beat. Project Management Skills for Instructional Designers is intended to captivate the interest of the following audience: instructional designers, training managers and directors, training consultants, human resources managers, performance consultants, and project managers. This practical guide uses the creative approach of storytelling to present the content in a way that is realistic and sequential to the way an instructional designer may work. A case scenario where an instructional designer is given a mandate by the boss to design, develop, and deliver automated sales management training is the story line around which the two disciplines are applied in the “four-step combo”.

    Product Features

    • ISBN13: 9781440193637
    • Condition: New
    • Notes: BRAND NEW FROM PUBLISHER! 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Tracking provided on most orders. Buy with Confidence! Millions of books sold!

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    Spectrum Crystal Prism 6″for Photography BONUS eBook How to Guide for Photography Prisming

    The Spectrum Crystal is your choice for a triangular optical prism! Each prism is made from K9 Optical Glass ensuring no hazy or fuzzy defects. Teaching Tool for Physics Class: Use this prism to teach your class about the color spectrum. Uniquely designed to refract white light into component colors: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and violet. Photography Prism: Add special effects to your photographs with the Spectrum Crystal. This prism is perfect for applying the prisming technique to your photos. The Spectrum Crystal is the ideal size for both classrooms as well as photographers. At 150mm x 30mm x 30mm (approximately 6in x 1in x 1in), the prism is easy to carry and comes with a box designed to protect it from any wear and tear.

    Product Features

    • CRYSTAL CLEAR CLARITY: Our triangular prism is made from K9 optical glass allowing you to easily see the light spectrum with no hazy or fuzzy defects. It is perfect for teaching a physics class about the color spectrum.
    • PHOTOGRAPHY PRISM: This triangular optical prism is perfect for creating beautiful photos. Use the Spectrum Crystal to create colorful and vivid prisming effects for your photos. It is great for special occasions such as weddings, birthdays, and outdoor events.
    • TAKE UNIQUE AND BEAUTIFUL PHOTOGRAPHS: Use the prism to refracts the light while you take photos and can create some amazing. Tips: Reflect a rainbow spectrum into your photo by shining a light into your prism. You can also move the light by moving the prism into the perfect position. Twist the prism into creating a curve and distorting the surroundings.
    • RAINBOW PRISM: Use this prism to refract light into its color components and create a rainbow. Kids will love watching this prism create rainbows on the wall or anywhere on the go.
    • LIGHTWEIGHT AND PORTABLE: The Spectrum Crystal measuring approximately 6 in. by 1 in. is easy to take with you on the go. It also comes with a protective gift box that is easy to fit into a jacket pocket or purse.

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    ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY The Ultimate Guide to Star Wars Updated & Revised: Inside The Last Jedi

    “A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away,” 10 words changed the cinematic world forever. Now Entertainment Weekly’s editors and writers celebrate the Star Wars universe in an updated and revised collector’s edition – Entertainment Weekly The Ultimate Guide to Star Wars – that covers the entire universe, from A New Hope to The Last Jedi, and all the books, television shows, comics and video games in between. This comprehensive guide features rarely seen production and cast photos from all the movies in the series, including behind-the-scenes photos from The Last Jedi, as well as surprising reveals and speculation about the future of the franchise.

    There are tons of extras throughout for Star Wars–obsessed fans, including an essay on illustrator Ralph McQuarrie, the founding of George Lucas’s Industrial Light & Magic, the secrets hidden within John Williams’s scores, a tribute to director Irvin Kershner written by his son, and a moving tribute to Carrie Fisher by Mark Hamill, as well as insights on what Fisher’s unexpected death means for the final film and a discussion about what’s to come in 2018’s Solo: A Star Wars Story. Also included are deep dives focusing on insider-only content like the Holiday Special, spoofs and parodies, a discussion about the now-retired Legends books and comics series, and a discussion about proper viewing order. This is the must-have edition for anyone and everyone who considers themselves a Star Wars fan.

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    Body Fluid Analysis and Body Fluids Morphology Bench Guide Bundle

    Includes Kjeldsberg’s Body Fluid Analysis Body Fluids Morphology Bench Guide

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    Node.js, MongoDB and Angular Web Development: The definitive guide to using the MEAN stack to build web applications (2nd Edition) (Developer’s Library)

    Node.js, MongoDB and Angular Web Development

    The definitive guide to using the MEAN stack to build web applications

    Node.js is a leading server-side programming environment, MongoDB is the most popular NoSQL database, and Angular is the leading framework for MVC-based front-end development. Together, they provide an easy-to-implement, fully integrated web development stack that allows web programmers to create high-performance sites and applications built completely in JavaScript, from server to client.

    Updated for Angular 2, Angular 4, and subsequent versions, this new edition of Node.js, MongoDB and Angular Web Development shows you how to integrate these three technologies into complete working solutions. It begins with concise, crystal-clear tutorials on each technology and then quickly moves on to building common web applications.

    You’ll learn how to use Node.js and MongoDB to build more scalable, high-performance sites, how to leverage Angular’s innovative MVC approach to structure more effective pages and applications, and how to use all three together to deliver outstanding next-generation Web solutions.

    • Implement a highly scalable and dynamic web server using Node.js and Express
    • Implement a MongoDB data store for your web applications
    • Access and interact with MongoDB from Node.js JavaScript code
    • Learn the basics of TypeScript
    • Define custom Angular directives that extend the HTML language
    • Build server-side web services in JavaScript
    • Implement client-side services that can interact with the Node.js web server
    • Build dynamic browser views that provide rich user interaction
    • Add authenticated user accounts and nested comment components to your web applications and pages

    Contents at a Glance

    Part I: Getting Started

    1 Introducing the Node.js-to-Angular Stack

    2 JavaScript Primer

    Part II: Learning Node.js

    3 Getting Started with Node.js

    4 Using Events, Listeners, Timers, and Callbacks in Node.js

    5 Handling Data I/O in Node.js

    6 Accessing the File System from Node.js

    7 Implementing HTTP Services in Node.js

    8 Implementing Socket Services in Node.js

    9 Scaling Applications Using Multiple Processors in Node.js

    10 Using Additional Node.js Modules

    Part III: Learning MongoDB

    11 Understanding NoSQL and MongoDB

    12 Getting Started with MongoDB

    13 Getting Started with MongoDB and Node.js

    14 Manipulating MongoDB Documents from Node.js

    15 Accessing MongoDB from Node.js

    16 Using Mongoose for Structured Schema and Validation

    17 Advanced MongoDB Concepts

    Part IV: Using Express to Make Life Easier

    18 Implementing Express in Node.js

    19 Implementing Express Middleware

    Part V: Learning Angular

    20 Jumping into TypeScript

    21 Getting Started with Angular

    22 Angular Components

    23 Expressions

    24 Data Binding

    25 Built-in Directives

    Part VI: Advanced Angular

    26 Custom Directives

    27 Events and Change Detection

    28 Implementing Angular Services in Web Applications

    29 Creating Your Own Custom Angular Services

    30 Having Fun with Angular

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    ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY The Ultimate Guide to Supernatural

    Saving people and hunting demons: It’s the family business

    For 12 seasons, no demon, ghost nor monster has been safe from Sam and Dean Winchester, the daring brothers and heroes of hit television show Supernatural. Combining elements of horror, thriller, drama and comedy, this fan favorite explores the world of the paranormal, with brief forays into heaven and hell—and family relationships—every week. As the longtime hit from the CW enters its lucky 13th season, now is the time to time to catch up with an all-new special edition from Entertainment Weekly, The Ultimate Guide to Supernatural. Packed with photographs from each season, a who’s who of heaven and hell, and a full episode guide to all 12 seasons—plus exclusive interviews with stars Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki and Misha Collins, along with a guide to the guest stars, the top 10 guests, and our expert ranking of each and every episode, this is a must-have for all Supernatural fans. There’s even a superfan set-visit diary from S.E. Hinton, the renowned author of The Outsiders. You should pick up your copy now . . . because you always have a choice.

    Please note that this product is an authorized edition published by Time Inc. and sold by Amazon. This edition is printed using a high quality matte interior paper and printed on demand for immediate fulfillment.

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    JAVASCRIPT Programming(2 Edition), Learn Coding Fast! (With 100 Tests & Answers) Crash Course, Quick Start Guide, Tutorial Book with Hands-On Projects in Easy Steps! An Ultimate Beginner’s Guide!

    “JavaScript Programming” covers all essential JavaScript knowledge. You can learn complete primary skills of JavaScript fast and easily.
    This book includes many practical Hands-On Projects. You can study JavaScript coding with Hands-On Projects. This book includes 100 Tests & Answers.

    Table of Contents

    Hour 1 JavaScript Basic

    Hour 2 Operators

    Hour 3 Array

    Hour 4 Math, Time

    Hour 5 String

    Hour 6 Object

    Hour 7 Event

    Hour 8 Form & Dom

    Appendix JavaScript 100 Tests & Answers
    100 Tests
    100 Answers

    JavaScript source code for download


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    Photography: Night Sky: A Field Guide for Shooting after Dark

    Photography: Night Sky will give you the tips and techniques you need to take stunning photographs in the dark.
    You’ll learn how to overcome the unique issues that confront nighttime photographers and capture images of which
    you’ll be proud.

    Co-author Jennifer Wu, an elite Canon “Explorer of Light” professional photographer, has become renowned for her
    ability to capture nighttime phenomena, from quarter-phase moon rises to shooting stars to the ephemeral Milky
    Way. this new guide reveals her methods and concentrates on photographing four principal subjects: stars as points
    of light, star trails, the moon, and twilight. these subjects share common photo techniques and considerations, but
    each also requires a distinct approach. Once captured, your digital images must be fi nished on the computer; coauthor
    and author of the bestselling Photography: Outdoors, James Martin, delves into the settings and procedures
    that elevate an image from mundane to striking.

    This clear and practical guide will help photographers of all levels portray the stunning spectacle of the night sky, preserving those special memories and moments from a life outdoors.

    Product Features

    • Photography Night Sky A Field Guide for Shooting After Dark

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    Project Management: An Effective Beginner’s Guide Using Management Skills, Project Planning, and Team Building For Business Goals (Project Management For … Management Consulting, Manage Team)

    **Project Management Techniques to Successfully Lead Teams**


    Take advantage and get this book for free with KINDLE UNLIMITED

    As businesses continue to grow, it is imperative that YOUR management skills be constantly honed and improved upon.



    ✔ “Learn The Assets Necessary To Become An Effective Leader”

    ✔ “Understand How To Set Goals For Your Team”

    ✔ “Attain Powerful Ways To Bring Your Team Together”

    ✔ “Discover Organizational Strategies As Your Progress Toward Business Goals”

    ✔ “Develop Better Methods To Assemble Your Team For The Project”

    ✔ “How To Manage In Times of Crisis”

    ✔ “Get More Inside Tools”

    ***FIND OUT HOW TO BECOME AN EXCLUSIVE MEMBER INSIDE: Health & Wellness Unlimited***

    Being an effective project manager is a hard task and it’s something that not everyone is cut out for, but with the right mindset and the right preparation, you’ll be the leader that can take your business to the next level

    →Scroll up and select the Buy now with 1-Click to grab a copy today

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    Pivotal Certified Spring Web Application Developer Exam: A Study Guide

    Prepare for the Pivotal Certified Spring Web Application Developer exam and learn about Spring MVC DispatcherServlet configuration, Spring MVC programming model essentials, Spring MVC views and form processing, Spring Web Flow essentials, and Spring Web Flow actions and configuration. The Pivotal Certified Spring Web Application Developer Exam: A Study Guide is the ideal preparation for the exam and after reading and using it, you’ll be able to pass and become a certified Spring Web Developer.

    When you become a Pivotal Certified Spring Web Application Developer, you’ll receive one of the most valuable credentials available in enterprise Java. Achieving this certification demonstrates your ability to apply Spring’s web projects to develop real-world Java web applications and validates your familiarity with Spring Web.

    Product Features

    • Pivotal Certified Spring Web Application Developer Exam A Study Guide

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    JavaScript Essentials for SAP ABAP Developers: A Guide to Mobile and Desktop Application Development

    Easily master JavaScript (JS) with this quick guide and develop mobile and desktop applications for SAP Fiori. This book equips ABAP/SAP developers with the essential topics to get started with JS.

    The focus of JavaScript Essentials for SAP ABAP Developers is on the parts of the JS language that are useful from the perspective of an ABAP developer. The book starts with a brief intro to HTML, the basics of JS, and how to create and run a simple JS program. It then dives into the details of the language, showing how to make simple programs. It covers loops in detail, mathematical operations, and string and regular expressions in JS, as well as a taste of functions, followed by objects and object-oriented programming in JavaScript. The book provides:

    • Sample code and screenshots to help you fully understand JS
    • A chapter on JS best practices and recommendations
    • Differences and comparisons of the elements and data structures of ABAP and JavaScript to help you quickly master the material

    What You’ll Learn

    • Create and run a simple JavaScript program
    • Understand loops, operations, and expressions
    • Master the Create and Use functions
    • Use objects and object-oriented programming in JS
    • Apply the best practices of JS programming

    Who This Book Is For

    SAP programmers and developers, ABAP users and developers, and university students learning ABAP and JavaScript

    Product Features

    • JavaScript Essentials for SAP ABAP Developers A Guide to Mobile and Desktop Application Development

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    CEH Certified Ethical Hacker All-in-One Exam Guide, Second Edition

    Thoroughly revised for the latest release of the Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) v8 certification exam

    Fully updated for the CEH v8 exam objectives, this comprehensive guide offers complete coverage of the EC-Council’s Certified Ethical Hacker exam. In this new edition, IT security expert Matt Walker discusses the latest tools, techniques, and exploits relevant to the CEH exam. You’ll find learning objectives at the beginning of each chapter, exam tips, practice exam questions, and in-depth explanations. Designed to help you pass the exam with ease, this authoritative resource also serves as an essential on-the-job reference.

    Covers all exam topics, including:

    • Introduction to ethical hacking
    • Reconnaissance and footprinting
    • Scanning and enumeration
    • Sniffing and evasion
    • Attacking a system
    • Hacking web servers and applications
    • Wireless network hacking
    • Trojans and other attacks
    • Cryptography
    • Social engineering and physical security
    • Penetration testing

    Electronic content includes:

    • Hundreds of practice questions
    • Test engine that provides customized exams by chapter
    • PDF copy of the book

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    The Joy of PHP: A Beginner’s Guide to Programming Interactive Web Applications with PHP and mySQL

    How to program interactive web applications with PHP and mySQL– even if you’ve never programmed before

    Have you ever wanted to design your own website or browser application but thought it would be too difficult or maybe just didn’t know where to start? Have you found the amount of information on the Internet either too daunting or not geared for your skill set or worse– just plain boring? Are you interested in learning to program PHP and have some fun along the way? If so, then The Joy of PHP 5th edition by Alan Forbes is the book for you!!

    PHP Beginners: Start Here

    Alan starts with some basic HTML so the absolute beginner can catch up quickly and then goes step by step on how PHP works. You start with the easy stuff–like how to create and run simple PHP scripts that modify web pages– and then build on what you’ve learned through a series of cohesive (and fun) exercises that carry over from lesson to lesson.

    As the chapters progress you begin to build a web site for a growing used car dealership business. This approach keeps the material fun and challenging– and gives what you’ve learned a context to be relevant. A car dealership needs a constantly changing web site because the inventory of cars is always changing. HTML is not the answer for this kind of web site– but PHP and mySQL are the answer

    Throughout the book you will be working with the web site for the car dealership and adding features and modifying it as the needs of the business (and your knowledge) grow. This writing style reinforces the previous lessons and keeps you engaged in a “real” project — giving you both a sense of accomplishment and an opportunity to apply what you’ve learned to a realistic scenario. You are far more likely to retain what you’ve learned using this approach than just reading dry syntax documentation.

    The author has an easy and fun style of writing that teaches you PHP in a simple, matter of fact manner while showing you the most common uses of the commands you need to get the job done. This keeps your learning pace quick and uncluttered. If you need it, he also points you to several resources where you can learn more about the other options a PHP function can offer and– even better–how to read and understand those resources.

    If you want to learn the PHP language in an easy, enjoyable, well laid out manner and to learn why PHP and mySQL are so powerful and fun to use then buy this book!! Do not buy this book if you are looking for a comprehensive reference of boring PHP syntax.

    This book does not attempt to cover everything about PHP. What it does do– and does well– is take you from being a beginner who isn’t even sure what PHP is to someone who knows the sheer joy that only programming dynamic sites can provide. You will become someone who can read, write, and modify PHP scripts and you will be able make your website come alive.

    Bonus Code

    All the source code referenced in the book is available for easy download and well organized. You don’t have to cut and paste out of Kindle or retype code, unless you want to. The updated 5th edition offers Docker images.

    Topics Covered…

    – Installing and configuring PHP
    – Introduction to HTML
    – Basic PHP Syntax
    – Some Fun Right Away
    – Editors and Staying Organized
    – Variables, Numbers, Dates and Strings
    – Control Structures
    – How to use a database, such as mySQL
    – Using PHP and mySQL Together
    – How to create forms to Display, Add, Edit, and Delete data
    – Session Variables
    – Working with Images
    – PHP File Uploads
    – PHP Quirks and Tips
    – Security Considerations

    This book is NOT the only book you’ll ever need to master PHP. Rather, it’s a gentle introduction to a very rich topic. The hope of the author is to show you that PHP isn’t really that scary after all, it is something YOU can do, and it can even bring you joy once you get it.

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    CorelDRAW X8: The Official Guide (Consumer Application & Hardware – OMG)

    The Corel-Authorized Guide to CorelDRAW®―Updated for CorelDRAW X8

    This thoroughly revised guide offers complete coverage of CorelDraw X8, including the revamped interface and brand-new features. CorelDRAW X8: The Official Guide shows anyone―from a beginner to an experienced illustrator―how to create top-drawer commercial graphics and exquisite artwork. You will learn to draw photorealistic illustrations, use shortcuts to create complex art, lay out text like a pro, add special effects, and transform 2D objects into 3D graphics. The book features tips for printing high-quality work that matches what you’ve designed on your monitor.

    • Work in the customizable interface redesigned to reflect Windows® Metro style
    • Explore and understand the software’s menus, palettes, and dockers
    • Lay out brochures, flyers, and other multi-page documents
    • Add paragraph, artistic, and custom-shaped text to your designs
    • Search the Content Exchange for fonts, vector patterns, background designs, and the Get More docker
    • Use the Perspective, Extrude, Smear, Twirl, Attract, Repel, and Distortion tools
    • Incorporate lens effects, transparency, shadows, glows, and bevels
    • Put all the elements together in a professional, visually compelling way with layout and design tips from the author


    Product Features

    • McGraw-Hill Education

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