Kindle Paperwhite 3G, 6″ High-Resolution Display (212 ppi) with Next-Gen Built-in Light, Free 3G + Wi-Fi

Unlike tablets, Kindle Paperwhite 3G is designed to deliver the best reading experience, period.  Kindle Paperwhite 3G has no screen glare in bright sunlight, a battery that lasts weeks, not hours, and a next gen built-in light that allows you to read without eyestrain. Includes free 3G wireless with wide international coverage-no hunting or paying for Wi-Fi hotspots, no annual contracts or monthly fees.

Product Features

  • Free 3G wireless with wide international coverage-no monthly fees or annual contracts.
  • Read without eyestrain – no glare screen in bright sunlight, plus next-gen built-in light
  • Read with one hand – over 30% lighter than iPad mini
  • Battery lasts weeks, not hours

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This volume presents ten examples of Algis Budrys' shorter fiction highlighting his writing from the middle to late 1950s. A bibliography of Budrys' fiction, non-fiction books, and selected non-fiction articles is included. For MORE INFO on Algis Budrys please click here!