Going Cardboard: A Board Game Documentary

In 1978, the German press and board game makers created the Spiel des Jahres, or “Game of the Year” award for excellence in board game design. Competition for this award contributed to an explosion in the variety and sophistication of “Eurogames.” With the arrival of The Settlers of Catan in the United States in the mid-nineties, more people began to discover the new breed of board game that had been quietly evolving in Germany for the past 30+ years. Going Cardboard takes you into the world of “designer” board gaming, from the community of enthusiastic fans to the publishers and self-publishers, and of course, the designers. Witness the spectacle of the SPIEL show in Essen, Germany, where over 150,000 people from all over the world come together… for board games.Fans and industry notables take you into the world of designer board gaming, compelling newcomers and delighting existing fans alike.Includes:Going Cardboard feature documentaryOver 90 minutes of bonus footageSubtitles in English, Spanish, German, and EsperantoAnamorphic widescreen (16:9) formatShoot-Out, a board game by Reiner KniziaInterviews include:Game Designers:Klaus Teuber, Reiner Knizia, Alan R. Moon, Matt Leacock, Donald X. Vaccarino, Friedemann FriesePublishers: Days of Wonder, Mayfair Games, Rio Grande GamesCommunity Leaders : Tom Vasel of The DiceTower, Derk Solko of BoardGameGeek, Scott Nicholson of Board Games with Scott …and many moreThis DVD is region free.

Product Features

  • Manufacturer: T-Cat Productions
  • DVD Anamorphic widescreen (16:9) format, Shoot-Out, a board game by Reiner Knizia

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