DIY For Women: Beauty Products, Crocheting, Vinyl Crafting, Capsule Wardrobe And Yummy Canning Recipes: (Natural Skin Care, Organic Skin Care, Cricut Vinyl, How to Look Fabulous)

DIY For Women: Beauty Products, Crocheting, Vinyl Crafting, Capsule Wardrobe And Yummy Canning Recipes

Book#1: DIY Chapsticks and Lip Balms: 18 Recipes of Flavored Lip Balms to Protect your Lips from Cold, Wind and UV Rays

This book not only teaches the steps you need to take in protecting your lips from damage, it also provides a whole range of lip balm recipes that you can easily prepare on your own. Gladly, you will not require any machines or complex equipment to make the lip balms introduced in this book, and so you will find the recipes helpful whatever social environment you are in.

Book#2: Homemade Hydrating Face Mask: 40 Recipes For All Skin Types To Protect Your Face From Cold, Wind, And UV Rays

Treat the skin you live in to the luxury like no other, and dive into a world of facial masks that are even better than the spa.

Book#3: Homemade Organic Sunscreen: 30 Waterproof Sunscreen Recipes 15-40 SPF for You and Your Family

This eBook is a must read for all the people that prefer natural and organic products over the commercial ones. It is a complete guide to the eco-friendly ingredients that you can put together to make a homemade organic sunscreen cream, lotion, balm or spray for you. It provides you several natural sunscreen recipes along with a comprehensive guidance on using vegetable oils in them. Also, it advises on the harmful effects of certain essential oils and natural butters being used in the sunscreens.

Book#4: Cricut Projects Ideas: 35 Artistic Vinyl Crafting Decorative Ideas To Fill Your Surroundings With Fasinating and Charming Colors

This book is designed to give you some innovative and better ideas, to handle your vinyl crafts in new way. Who love arts and craft will surely get full advantage from it, because very easy way of crafting is selected for this book which can be easily implemented. You can add your own ideas to make these ideas even better.

Book#5: Create a Capsule Wardrobe: Look Great and Elegant with Your Minimalistic and Super Organized Capsule Wardrobe

This book contains precise guidelines that will make it very easy for even a beginner to design a capsule wardrobe. From picking out essential items to pairing it in different ways according to season, we have covered it all. You will find in this book the guidelines to getting rid of and decluttering your existing wardrobe. Moreover, you can also use this book to learn not only how to create a capsule closet but also about how to use that wardrobe and dress on different occasions using the items from your capsule wardrobe. The reader will be able to declutter, design and dress with the help of nothing but the precise guidance from this book. In the interest of precision, the topics in this book have been divided into reader friendly chapters.

Book#6: Crochet Projects In One Hour: 15 Adorable Ideas For Everyone Who Loves Crocheting But Has No Time!

In this book you are going to discover all the things you need to know to create a variety of crochet patterns in under an hour. It doesn’t matter how pressing your schedule is, if you have patterns like these, you have time to make something out of crochet!

Book#7: Salting And Pickling: 27 Quick & Easy Salting and Pickling Recipes You And Your Family Will Enjoy

This book teaches you through its recipes that foods can develop new interesting flavors just by pickling, yet pickling only takes a little time and relatively little cost.As such, many people may wish to do the pickling themselves after reading this book and seeing how simple pickling recipes can be.

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