Developing multi-platform desktop applications with .NET Core 3 and Visual Studio 2019.: Build C# GUI application for macOS, Linux and Windows.

Amazing time for the .NET developer’s community, the release of the .NET Core 3 achieves to be a key release of the future main Microsoft Framework. The present book will teach you how to develop a killer GUI application with C# and .NET Core 3 and this, for every desktop OS on the market: Windows, Linux and macOS. The development of graphical multiplatform application is today possible with .NET Core 3.With this book, .NET, C++ and ASP.NET developers can now develop great desktop application what ever the operating system targeted, this is not less than a new paradigm for the .NET developer Community. This book exposes professional methodologies and advices for building and managing a development project, for the design of a graphical interface and for coding essential features of your application.Each solution proposed is illustrated with working example programs (source code online). You will be able to rapidly leverage your current C# skills to a higher level by the use of readymade project corresponding to your specific requirements. Popular and trendy or singular and original solutions for the implementation of a project are presented and explained in details for helping you to achieve in a minimal time your multiplatform project development goal. The shortcuts provided by the present book will bring you the capabilities to be quickly efficient in the multiplatform development area even if you do not have any real experience in this particular technical field. You will win time and avoid the pain of a long learning curve. The web references and tips provided in this book will provide inestimable helps and will guide you along the complete development life cycle of your multiplatform application. Benefit now from the .NET Core 3 capabilities for the development of graphical desktop application you can deploy on macOS, Linux and Windows.

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