Classic Retro Game Consoles HDMI HD Video Game Mini TV Game Console Built-in 600 Classic Family Games With Dual Controllers Entertainment System Classic Edition

1. Material: ABS
2. Color: gray white
3. Game: Built-in 600 Games
4. Applicable Platform: TV
5. Plug Type: US
6. Input: 5V

1. Enter AC 110-220V
2. Output DC 5V-150mA
3. TV signal: HDMI Tips:

Package List:
1xAC Adapter, 1xHDMI Cable, 1xConsole, 2xControllers, 1xUser Manual
Attention: Children should play games under adult’s guide.

1. Before connect the game handle, be sure to turn off the power.
2. Do not put game consoles, Game handle, Power Adapter, etc. Placed in a humid or high temperature environment.
(HDMI HD game console, built-in 600 classic games, does not support games card,not support game saving)

Product Features

  • ” Built-in 600 different games(games list image posted), 600 Classic Games,recover your childrenhood memory. Smaller size, easy to collect and use. “
  • High-definition HDMI output interface, the picture is clearer, ensuring more convenient connection
  • HDMI adaptive full screen, ABS drop material, double handle
  • Support 4K HD, NTSC / PAL TV system universal
  • Package includes: game console + dual controller + HDMI cable + AC plug + user manual + game list + box.

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