If You Compare You Will See that LG Makes Good TV Sets

I am a big fan of the tv sets made by LG.

I looked for a 47-inch LED TV for some time, but still could not struggle through the purchase until last week.

Actually, I was already tending towards Samsung , but then looked at the TV in direct comparison with LG.

Primarily since the LG produces more natural picture, I had made my choice.

Amazon ImageBack home, I took out my notebook and looked at the features and prices in detail to compare. Price-performance ratio spoke next to the better image for the LG, so I ordered it in action including 3D, Bluray player etc.

A day later came the LG TV – I did not need a manual and I would estimate only average Tech freak would read them, and I was amazed! The quality of the image is sensational even without manual adjustments or changes! The functionality for the price is very very good. And the 3D picture “real” 3D with polarization effect like in the movies, and no annoying “shutter” which our brain only pretends 3D is really incredibly good.

Surf the Internet using the remote control is a little tedious, but a normal remote control is not really made ​​for it. I have the LG remote app I downloaded to my smartphone and so does the operation smoothly. The smartphone screen is used either as a small remote control or touch pad whereby one uses a mouse pointer on the screen.

Typing on the keyboard then operate the smartphone with virtually no delay over wifi.

Screenshots of television image and you can do immediately by MMS, mail, etc., etc.

Just try it, really great!

The browser itself is amazing fix.

Generally, there is a lot to discover on a new LG TV – a lot of pre-installed apps and 3D example movies, games for download if you like it and much more.

Get a 3D viewing experience for the whole family if you dare.

I am absolutely thrilled with buying a tv by LG and can highly recommend this high tech television company to anyone who wants to buy a tv!

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