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Designing Web APIs: Building APIs That Developers Love

Using a web API to provide services to application developers is one of the more satisfying endeavors that software engineers undertake. But building a popular API with a thriving developer ecosystem is also one of the most challenging. With this practical guide, developers, architects, and tech leads will learn how to navigate complex decisions for designing, scaling, marketing, and evolving interoperable APIs.

Authors Brenda Jin, Saurabh Sahni, and Amir Shevat explain API design theory and provide hands-on exercises for building your web API and managing its operation in production. You’ll also learn how to build and maintain a following of app developers. This book includes expert advice, worksheets, checklists, and case studies from companies including Slack, Stripe, Facebook, Microsoft, Cloudinary, Oracle, and GitHub.

  • Get an overview of request-response and event-driven API design paradigms
  • Learn best practices for designing an API that meets the needs of your users
  • Use a template to create an API design process
  • Scale your web API to support a growing number of API calls and use cases
  • Regularly adapt the API to reflect changes to your product or business
  • Provide developer resources that include API documentation, samples, and tools

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Cost of Capital, + Website: Applications and Examples (Wiley Finance)

A one-stop shop for background and current thinking on the development and uses of rates of return on capital

Completely revised for this highly anticipated fifth edition, Cost of Capital contains expanded materials on estimating the basic building blocks of the cost of equity capital, the risk-free rate, and equity risk premium. There is also discussion of the volatility created by the financial crisis in 2008, the subsequent recession and uncertain recovery, and how those events have fundamentally changed how we need to interpret the inputs to the models we use to develop these estimates.

The book includes new case studies providing comprehensive discussion of cost of capital estimates for valuing a business and damages calculations for small and medium-sized businesses, cross-referenced to the chapters covering the theory and data.

  • Addresses equity risk premium and the risk-free rate, including the impact of Federal Reserve actions
  • Explores how to use Morningstar’s Ibbotson and Duff Phelps Risk Premium Report data
  • Discusses the global cost of capital estimation, including a new size study of European countries

Cost of Capital, Fifth Edition puts an emphasis on practical application. To that end, this updated edition provides readers with exclusive access to a companion website filled with supplementary materials, allowing you to continue to learn in a hands-on fashion long after closing the book.

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Real-World Bug Hunting: A Field Guide to Web Hacking

Learn how people break websites and how you can, too.

Real-World Bug Hunting is the premier field guide to finding software bugs. Whether you’re a cyber-security beginner who wants to make the internet safer or a seasoned developer who wants to write secure code, ethical hacker Peter Yaworski will show you how it’s done.

You’ll learn about the most common types of bugs like cross-site scripting, insecure direct object references, and server-side request forgery. Using real-life case studies of rewarded vulnerabilities from applications like Twitter, Facebook, Google, and Uber, you’ll see how hackers manage to invoke race conditions while transferring money, use URL parameter to cause users to like unintended tweets, and more.

Each chapter introduces a vulnerability type accompanied by a series of actual reported bug bounties. The book’s collection of tales from the field will teach you how attackers trick users into giving away their sensitive information and how sites may reveal their vulnerabilities to savvy users. You’ll even learn how you could turn your challenging new hobby into a successful career. You’ll learn:

  •  How the internet works and basic web hacking concepts
  •  How attackers compromise websites
  •  How to identify functionality commonly associated with vulnerabilities
  •  How to find bug bounty programs and submit effective vulnerability reports

Real-World Bug Hunting is a fascinating soup-to-nuts primer on web security vulnerabilities, filled with stories from the trenches and practical wisdom. With your new understanding of site security and weaknesses, you can help make the web a safer place–and profit while you’re at it.

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Product Features

  • Weather supports geo-positioning, retrieving the latest weather conditions for your current location
  • An option to manually add your location
  • Add and track the weather conditions in multiple locations
  • Animated weather conditions – see how the weather comes alive!
  • Widgets for different locations
  • Hourly and weekly forecasts
  • Support for the new lock screen widget in Android 4.2
  • Weather benefits all known screen resolutions
  • Offers quality support for Android devices – from Android 1.5 to Android 4.2
  • Tap on the temperature to switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit

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Product Features

  • New homepage curation featuring Talk suggestions that get updated daily
  • Browse Talks by topics such as Business, Psychology, and Technology
  • TED Talks fans can now localize the app in 21 different languages
  • Google Assistant compatibility on TVs for controls like play, pause, fast forward, etc.

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Cybersecurity Essentials

An accessible introduction to cybersecurity concepts and practices

Cybersecurity Essentials provides a comprehensive introduction to the field, with expert coverage of essential topics required for entry-level cybersecurity certifications. An effective defense consists of four distinct challenges: securing the infrastructure, securing devices, securing local networks, and securing the perimeter. Overcoming these challenges requires a detailed understanding of the concepts and practices within each realm. This book covers each challenge individually for greater depth of information, with real-world scenarios that show what vulnerabilities look like in everyday computing scenarios. Each part concludes with a summary of key concepts, review questions, and hands-on exercises, allowing you to test your understanding while exercising your new critical skills.

Cybersecurity jobs range from basic configuration to advanced systems analysis and defense assessment. This book provides the foundational information you need to understand the basics of the field, identify your place within it, and start down the security certification path.

  • Learn security and surveillance fundamentals
  • Secure and protect remote access and devices
  • Understand network topologies, protocols, and strategies
  • Identify threats and mount an effective defense

Cybersecurity Essentials gives you the building blocks for an entry level security certification and provides a foundation of cybersecurity knowledge

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Kali Linux Web Penetration Testing Cookbook: Identify, exploit, and prevent web application vulnerabilities with Kali Linux 2018.x, 2nd Edition

Discover the most common web vulnerabilities and prevent them from becoming a threat to your site’s security

Key Features

  • Familiarize yourself with the most common web vulnerabilities
  • Conduct a preliminary assessment of attack surfaces and run exploits in your lab
  • Explore new tools in the Kali Linux ecosystem for web penetration testing

Book Description

Web applications are a huge point of attack for malicious hackers and a critical area for security professionals and penetration testers to lock down and secure. Kali Linux is a Linux-based penetration testing platform that provides a broad array of testing tools, many of which can be used to execute web penetration testing.

Kali Linux Web Penetration Testing Cookbook gives you the skills you need to cover every stage of a penetration test – from gathering information about the system and application, to identifying vulnerabilities through manual testing. You will also cover the use of vulnerability scanners and look at basic and advanced exploitation techniques that may lead to a full system compromise. You will start by setting up a testing laboratory, exploring the latest features of tools included in Kali Linux and performing a wide range of tasks with OWASP ZAP, Burp Suite and other web proxies and security testing tools.

As you make your way through the book, you will learn how to use automated scanners to find security flaws in web applications and understand how to bypass basic security controls. In the concluding chapters, you will look at what you have learned in the context of the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) and the top 10 web application vulnerabilities you are most likely to encounter, equipping you with the ability to combat them effectively.

By the end of this book, you will have acquired the skills you need to identify, exploit, and prevent web application vulnerabilities.

What you will learn

  • Set up a secure penetration testing laboratory
  • Use proxies, crawlers, and spiders to investigate an entire website
  • Identify cross-site scripting and client-side vulnerabilities
  • Exploit vulnerabilities that allow the insertion of code into web applications
  • Exploit vulnerabilities that require complex setups
  • Improve testing efficiency using automated vulnerability scanners
  • Learn how to circumvent security controls put in place to prevent attacks

Who this book is for

Kali Linux Web Penetration Testing Cookbook is for IT professionals, web developers, security enthusiasts, and security professionals who want an accessible reference on how to find, exploit, and prevent security vulnerabilities in web applications. The basics of operating a Linux environment and prior exposure to security technologies and tools are necessary.

Table of Contents

  1. Setting up Kali Linux and the Testing Lab
  2. Reconnaissance
  3. Using Proxies, Crawlers and Spiders
  4. Testing Authentication and Session Management
  5. Cross-Site Scripting and Client-Side Attacks
  6. Exploiting Injection Vulnerabilities
  7. Exploiting Platform Vulnerabilities
  8. Using Automated Scanners
  9. Bypassing Basic Security Controls
  10. Mitigation of OWASP Top 10 Vulnerabilities

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Watch The Weather Channel

Product Features

  • Stream The Weather Channel live with your pay TV provider login information
  • Receive severe weather alerts for your local area
  • Search for new locations
  • Stay up-to-date on current conditions, hourly/daily/weekly forecasts
  • Watch your favorite shows from The Weather Channel

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The Creeping Terror

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Relative Insanity Party Game About Crazy Relatives — Made & played by Comedian Jeff Foxworthy!

You can pick your nose, but you can’t pick your family! Everyone has at least one crazy family member. If you don’t think you do, then that means it’s YOU! In Relative Insanity, you read a setup card aloud, like: “When my brother brought out his new baby to show the family, Granny blurted out…” Then everyone else chooses one of their punch line cards to finish the phrase, like: “You are not the father!” or “Somebody took a trip to the land of bad decisions,” etc. In between laughter, the reader picks the funniest one to give that player a point! It’s a different hilarious game each time you play! Features the humor of Jeff Foxworthy. For 4 to 12 players.

Product Features

  • Featured on and played by the Tonight show starring Jimmy Fallon, Rachael Ray show and more! It’s a hilarious game about crazy family members and even crazier situations-perfect for game nights with friends and family!
  • Read a setup card aloud, like, “when my brother brought out his new baby to show the family, Granny blurt out…”
  • Then everyone else chooses a punch line card to finish the phrase, like maybe, “you are not the father!” or “somebody took a trip to the land of bad decisions.”
  • And then the reader picks The funniest one to give that player a point-soo you gotta think about who the reader is and what they’ll find funny!
  • Made and played by comedian Jeff Foxworthy; for 4 to 12 players, ages 14+

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The Penetration Tester’s Guide to Web Applications (Artech House Computer Security Series)

This innovative new resource provides both professionals and aspiring professionals with clear guidance on how to identify and exploit common web application vulnerabilities. The book focuses on offensive security and how to attack web applications. It describes each of the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) top ten vulnerabilities, including broken authentication, cross-site scripting and insecure deserialization, and details how to identify and exploit each weakness.

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Remembering Shanghai: A Memoir of Socialites, Scholars and Scoundrels

WINNER – 2019 Rubery Book Award BOOK OF THE YEAR and 15 other literary awards

An Engaging and Extraordinary Multigenerational Saga

A high position bestowed by China’s empress dowager grants power and wealth to the Sun family. For Isabel, growing up in glamorous 1930s and ’40s Shanghai, it is a life of utmost privilege. But while her scholar father and fashionable mother shelter her from civil war and Japanese occupation, they cannot shield the family forever.

When Mao comes to power, eighteen-year-old Isabel journeys to Hong Kong, not realizing that she will make it her home—and that she will never see her father again. Meanwhile, the family she has left behind struggles to survive, only to have their world shattered by the Cultural Revolution. Isabel returns to Shanghai fifty years later with her daughter, Claire, to confront their family’s past—one they discover is filled with love and betrayal, kidnappers and concubines, glittering pleasure palaces and underworld crime bosses.

Lavishly illustrated and meticulously researched, Remembering Shanghai follows five generations from a hardscrabble village to vibrant Shanghai to the bright lights of Hong Kong. By turns harrowing and heartwarming, this vivid memoir explores identity, loss and the unpredictable nature of life against the epic backdrop of a nation and a people in turmoil.

Winner of 16 book awards including:


  • Independent Author Network OUTSTANDING MEMOIR, BOOK OF THE YEAR 2nd place

  • Reader Views Literary Awards MEMOIR, GLOBAL AWARD

  • IPPY Independent Publisher Book Awards BEST FIRST BOOK, BEST E-BOOK DESIGN, COVER DESIGN 2nd place

  • Eric Hoffer GRAND PRIZE Finalist, FIRST HORIZON AWARD Finalist, CULTURE 2nd place

  • Next Generation Indie Awards HISTORICAL NON-FICTION Finalist, MEMOIRS Finalist, BEST COVER DESIGN NON-FICTION Finalist

  • National Indie Excellence Awards BOOK COVER DESIGN NON-FICTION Finalist

Praise for Remembering Shanghai

“An engaging and entertaining saga.” South China Morning Post

“A volume that demands to be held.” Los Angeles Review of Books

“A feast of winning elements … absolutely fascinating.” Bookish Asia

“The perfect combination of historical fiction, memoir and novel.” Reader Views

“Jaw-dropping, exciting, touching, tragic and insightful.” Historic Shanghai

“A book I truly could not put down.” Fête Chinoise

“Absolutely gorgeous—a visual delight.” Asia Literary Review

“A beguiling memoir of Shanghai.” Hong Kong Review of Books

“Unique … vivid descriptions transport readers.” China Press

“Pulls back the curtain on how people lived.” Shanghai Daily

“Makes Chinese traditions easily accessible.” Honolulu Star-Advertiser

“Sparkling prose and enthralling stories catapult you into the inner life and doings of Shanghai’s cultured classes.” Helen Zia, Last Boat Out of Shanghai

“This elegant family memoir transforms, transfixes, and educates.” Pamela Sakamoto, Midnight in Broad Daylight

“Mesmerizing stories; magnificent language.” Betty Peh-T’i Wei, PhD, Old Shanghai

Order your copy of Remembering Shanghai today in hardcover, paperback or Kindle. At over 300 pages with dozens of photographs and illustrations, this beautiful memoir is a joy to hold and read.

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Pokemon: Let’s Go, Eevee!

Take your Pokémon journey to the Kanto region with your steadfast partner, Eevee, to become a top Pokémon trainer as you battle other trainers. Use a throwing motion to catch Pokémon in the wild with either one Joy-Con controller or Poké Ball Plus accessory, which will light up, vibrate, and make sounds to bring your adventure to life. Share your adventure with family or friends in two-player action using a second Joy-Con or Poké Ball Plus (sold separately). You can even connect to the Pokémon GO app using a compatible smartphone to bring over Pokémon originally discovered in the Kanto region,Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) Content Description Mild Cartoon Violence. Category adventure, role playing.

System Requirements:

  • Supported Platforms: Nintendo – Switch         

Nintendo account required for game activation and installation.

Product Features

  • Become a top Pokémon trainer on an adventure with Eevee
  • Encounter Pokémon in the Kanto region
  • Play the entire game with a single Joy-Con controller or use the Poké Ball Plus accessory, which will light up, vibrate and make sounds to brig your adventure to life.
  • Take your Pokémon for a stroll in Poké Ball Plus to level them up, and to receive in-game rewards after returning them to the game.

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Nintendo Switch with Gray Joy‑Con – HAC-001(-01)

Get the gaming system that lets you play the games you want, wherever you are, however you like. Includes the Nintendo Switch console and Nintendo Switch dock in black, and left and right Joy‑Con controllers in a contrasting gray. Also includes all the extras you need to get started. Model number: HAC-001(-01) (product serial number begins with “XKW”) This model includes battery life of approximately 4.5 – 9 hours . The battery life will depend on the games you play. For instance, the battery will last approximately 5.5 hours for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (games sold separately).

Introducing Nintendo Switch, the new home video game system from Nintendo. In addition to providing single and multiplayer thrills at home, the Nintendo Switch system can be taken on the go so players can enjoy a full home console experience anytime, anywhere. The mobility of a handheld is now added to the power of a home gaming system, with unprecedented new play styles brought to life by the two new Joy-Con controllers.


Home Gaming System

At home the main unit rests in the Nintendo Switch dock, which connects the system to the TV and lets you play with family and friends in the comfort of your living room.


Lift Nintendo Switch from the dock and instantly transition to handheld mode for on-the-go gaming. By sharing Joy-Con, players can go head-to-head while away from home. You can also enjoy the same great games in tabletop mode by using the included stand to prop the system up.

New Play Styles

Remove the detachable Joy-Con from either side of Nintendo Switch for more play styles:

  • One player can use a Joy-Con in each hand
  • Two players can each take one
  • Multiple Joy-Con can be employed by numerous people for a variety of gameplay options (additional Joy-Con sold separately)
  • Slip a set of Joy-Con into a Joy-Con grip accessory, mirroring a more traditional controller. Or, select an optional Nintendo Switch Pro Controller.

Bring together up to 8 Nintendo Switch systems for local face-to-face multiplayer.

Are Parental Controls available for the Nintendo Switch console?

Yes, a robust set of options is included to help both parents and kids have the best possible gaming experience.
Parents can set controls on the system, or use the free Nintendo Switch Parental Controls app to set restrictions on games and purchases, monitor gaming time, and more.

Product Features

  • Play your way with the Nintendo Switch gaming system. Whether you’re at home or on-the-go, solo or with friends, the Nintendo Switch system is designed to fit your life. Dock your Nintendo Switch to enjoy HD gaming on your TV. Heading out? Just undock your console and keep playing in handheld mode
  • This model includes battery life of approximately 4.5 – 9 hours
  • The battery life will depend on the games you play. For instance, the battery will last approximately 5.5 hours for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (games sold separately)
  • Model number HAC-001(-01)

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Math Workout Pro

Product Features

  • Learn to do complex, rapid calculations in your head
  • Build your kids’ lifelong arithmetical skills
  • Keep your brain stimulated, active, and alert

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A Day On The Ranch for Kids with Blippi – Videos for Children

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Breaking Games Letter Tycoon

Build words, buy letters and score big! Use your hand of 7 cards plus any of the 3 community cards to make a word worth valuable money and stocks. Collect letter patents to earn royalties and invoke unique privileges. Patents, money and stocks add up to victory. Create the most valuable alphabet empire and YOU can become the Letter Tycoon!

Product Features

  • The word game for 2-5 players ages 8 years and up!
  • take turns forming a word using a seven-card hand and a three-card community card pool, scoring money and stock rewards based on their word
  • When enough of the alphabet has been claimed, players finish the current turn, then score all money, stock and letter patents owned. Create the most valuable empire and you can become the letter tycoon!
  • Earned Mensa Select Status in the 2015 Mensa Mind Games
  • Time To Play: 30-45 minutes

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Case Management, Third Edition: An Introduction to Concepts and Skills

Case managers provide an indispensable service, acting as both experts and liaisons to the wide variety of services, resources, and opportunities available to their clients. The authors use their extensive practice, classroom, and research experience to delineate clearly the steps of the case management process and to address the myriad roles case managers fill in different practice situations. By detailing the various processes and goals of case management and the different populations they help, the authors present a resource that is invaluable not only to social workers, but also to case managers in nursing centers, community mental health facilities, and criminal justice centers.

The third edition of this book is updated to reflect the constantly changing nature of the helping professions. New and updated references provide readers with an array of options for pursuing specific aspects of case management. The book is attentive to the evolving needs of a variety of populations, and it now contains a new section on working with members of the military and their families. This edition also contains new information on case management within larger organizations that provide mental health services.

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Windows 10 Home | Full Package Products | USB Flash Drive | 2019 | USA

Windоws 10 Home | Full Package Products | USB Flash Drive | 2019 | USA

Product Features

  • Windоws 10 Home | Full Package Products | USB Flash Drive | 2019 | USA

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Windows 8.1 Compatible Repair & Reinstall Disc Set: Recovery Reboot Restore Fix Factory Reset – Basic or Professional 32 & 64 Bit PC Computer + Drivers Install 2019 (2 DVD Set)

Windows 8.1 Reinstall / Repair DVD by Install Wizards: Install | Fix | Recover | Reboot | Restore | Reset
Works for: Home or Basic Editions, 32 & 64-Bit, Any brand (HP, Dell, Gateway, Acer, Asus, Sony, Toshiba, Lenovo, and all other PC brands!)

You’ll receive 2 DVDs as pictured from Install Wizards. You can repair your computer’s problems and them optimize your PC with the driver DVD. You’re computer could be good as new!

Why you may need this DVD:
1. Virus, spyware, or malicious software problems (remove it!)
2. Your computer’s running slow (speed it up!)
3. Blue screen of death or other Windows 10 errors (fix it!)
4. Windows 8.1 won’t load or boot (boot it!)
5. Computer needs missing drivers (add them!)
6. You need to do a clean install of Windows 8.1 on a new hard drive. (install it!)

How to Use the Windows 8.1 Bootable Disk:
1.) Insert the DVD into your computer
2.) Set your PC to boot from it
3.) Follow the on screen steps to fix your computer or install Windows 8.1.
More detailed instructions included

~ Why Buy the Install Wizards 2 DVD Set ~
🎁Bonus 2019 Driver Install DVD: just insert the DVD, hit start and automatically install all the drivers you need on your PC so it operates correctly and can access the internet.
🖨 Easy to follow printed instructions
👥 Live Tech Support
🖥 Save your computer without needing a technician!

Important NOTE: This repair / reinstall DVD does NOT INCLUDE A PRODUCT KEY. If you’re doing a reinstall you can use the same product key you have on the computer. If doing a repair you do not need another product key.

Risk free: Every DVD is tested to work first and satisfaction is guaranteed. Please contact tech support if you have any trouble.

Product Features

  • All in One Compatibility: 64-Bit & 32-Bit | Windows 8.1 Pro & Basic | Desktop or Laptop | All PC brands.
  • Bonus 2019 Driver Install DVD: You’ll need to install essential drivers so the computer run properly and access the internet. The Second DVD can install the drivers you need with one click!
  • Just 3 Steps: Insert the DVD, Set your computer to boot from it, restart your computer and fix your problem or install Windows 8.1. It’s easy to Use and includes a user guide and tech support if needed.
  • Uses: 1. Fix Windows 8 / 8.1: won’t boot, error codes, BSOD 2. Install Windows 10 on a new hard drive 3. Factory reset your PC. 4. Install needed PC drivers.
  • (Important) This DVD does NOT INCLUDE A PRODUCT KEY. If you’re doing a reinstall you can use the same product key you have on the computer. If doing a repair you do not need another product key.

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