Explains About The Misunderstood Site Map

If you went and asked a dozen SEO professionals what they believed the right kind of site map should look like for websites, you’d probably get as many answers as there were professionals. At its simplest, the definition of what a site map should look like would go something like a description of an XML document such as your senuke tng review page that you need to submit to Google. It would have the URLs of every webpage there was on the To others, a site map would be a number of webpages with dozens of links to each page. Which kind of site map is the best? Which does its job better than the others?

In short, the answer to that question would be: not one of them. The problem with this kind of a picture of a site map is that all these do is to provide access to the different pages on a website. The thing is, site maps are supposed to be made for people, and not just search engine spiders. An effective site map should do more than just have a half-organized list of URLs. It should provide a path, an information scent of how one page is to lead to another. And keyword phrases are supposed to be an important part of how a site map comes to be organized.

A professionally-made site map has each link on the XML document annotated with some kind of short description as to what you can expect it to contain. The site map should also be formed so that it is easy to read for people. You need to make sure that the page isn’t just full of hyperlinks. It should be full of hyperlinks with explanations. That’s the only way it could make any sense to people. Site maps should be made so that people can come to them for information on how to find their way around your website. Use keywords to help them find their way around and provide strong context with pictures and videos to help them around.

And remember, a site index is not the same thing as a site map. A site index is, the way an index is on the back of a book, merely an alphabetical listing of everything on a website. A site map on the other hand, doesn’t care about alphabetical listing – it’s about listing the location of any item on your website. Remember, the Internet is cyberspace – which means it is supposed to be about computers as they deal with humans. The human element is never to be left behind.