Changes With Parents

I have been looking around for assisted living care for my folks for quite some time now. It has not been easy for me and my family, as this is a step towards the final steps and decisions in my parents’ lives. It is odd for me to think about their lives like that. It is sad but also I want them to feel as they are still living their best life. They need some assistance now with the things they do and basic help around the house. There comes a point in their lifetime when enough is enough and they should be able to not have it so hard. For example, changing bed sheets should not be a big struggle to them. I would like for htem to have it better, a more ease of life from now on. It has been difficult for me to watch them grow old and not be able to do the things they once were able to do so easily. I have chosen for them to live at BLCS at I am confident they will do well there and thrive in this final chapters of life!