Compare Batman Vs Captain America

Superhero Movies are highly entertainment for everyone both young and old alike. With the fantastic storyline and awesome fight sequence, it is much more enjoyable to watch the movies. Upcoming superhero movies are made with high end technology and creativity. With the high innovation, each of the character is represented in the absolute manner. Read further to know Batman vs Captain America comparison.

DC Comics and Marvel Comics become the top legends for showcasing many number of superheroes. Batman and Captain America are the 2 main superheroes of the DC Comics and Marvel Comics respectively. With their highly advance fighting skills and desire for morality of justice brings them more fame and name in the crime world. People also love to Draw their favourite superheroes. You can know about Batman cartoon Drawing

Most of the people love the Batman and Captain America for their amazing action and stun and gadgets so that it is quite impressive way of fighting the crimes. The Batman is a fictional superhero appears in the American comic books that have been published by DC Comics and many other associated media.


Captain America is also the fictional superhero appears in American comic books that are published by Marvel Comics. Captain America character has been created by the cartoonists Joe Simon as well as Jack Kirby.

Batman Vs Captain America:

Bruce Wayne is the wealthy businessman living in Gotham City. Bruce Wayne witnesses his parent’s murder in his childhood so since then he likes to avenge his family. Wayne acts part of a superficial living off his family’s fortune and fight crime as batman in the Gotham city.

Batman has the Genius-level intellect, mental conditioning, Master martial artist, escapologist, detective, swordsman, tactician, marksman and much more. Captain America characterize pinnacle of human physical perfection and fights crime with his extensive fighting ability and shield.

Augmented superhuman of Captain America are strength, speed, durability and reaction. Captain America has slightly above average intellect and Limited regenerative abilities. He is also trained in martial arts and uses a shield in battles. Captain America has awesome Martial Arts and fighting skills.

Captain America reflexes and senses are extraordinarily keen with own unique fighting style. Captain America is a master of multiple martial arts. With the years of practice near-indestructible Vibranium shield is convenient for him to take protection and fight the enemies in the fantastic way. Batman has no superhuman powers and also unstoppable determination with the strength of making the formidable opponent. Batman willpower is strong enough to operate Green Lantern Ring. His unique skills make him tolerating the massive amounts of physical pain.

Who Wins?

When both the superhero fights with each other then there is a better chance for Batman to win against Captain America however Captain America would still overwhelm Batman using his amazing speed and strength. Of course, Batman also has his basic gadgets that could penetrating Cap’s vibranium shield.

In hand-to-hand combat between the two, Captain America would defeat Batman because of his super soldier serum. With the gadgets and super intelligence of Batman could still make him reach the upper position with the hard fight.