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Effective Exercises To Get Rid Of Man Boobs

Men often develop man boobs due to two reasons. The first one is a medical disorder known as gynecomastia, or male breast enlargement. This is triggered by a hormal imbalance. The second is surplus fat stored in the chest.

There are some exercises to get rid of manboobs. For fat loss, muscle building exercises to get rid of man boobs is necessary. You should not just focus on cardio when it comes to weight loss. It is important to build muscle through strength training because it ignites your metabolism. This in turn burns calories and speeds up fat loss.

You need to firm up your chest as well as reduce your weight with these supersets. Apart from blasting your chest, these two workouts done back to back target your back muscles and those body regions that contain the most muscle mass referred to as glutes. Increasing your metabolism has to do with how much muscle you activate immediately. Big muscle workouts will boost both your metabolism and testosterone levels.

Anarchy workout involves using a pair of 15 pound or 20 pound dumbbells. Each pair of exercises should be done as a superset. Do as many reps as you possibly can in 30 seconds, starting with exercise A. Take 30 seconds’ rest before proceeding to exercise 1B. Complete as many reps as you can manage in 30 seconds before taking a 30 second’s rest. That completes the 1st round. Ensure you complete 4 rounds of super set 1, and then take a 2 minutes break prior to proceeding to superset 2 for another 4 rounds. You need to include these supersets to your workout schedule 2-3 times a week.

Superset 1 A

Grab dumbbells and lie with your chest facing down at an incline angle of 45 degree on the bench while lying on supported neutral-grip dumbbell row. Let your palms face each other and allow your arms to hang down. Then, bend the elbows and squeeze the shoulder blades row the dumbbells to the side of your chest. Take a pause before lowering the weights.

Dumbbell Goblet Squat

Facing a knee-high bench or box, stand 4 to 6 inches forward. Using both hands, and with your elbows pointing downwards, cups the end of a dumbbell holding it vertically in front of your chest. Push your hips back, then bend your knees and squat while keeping your back naturally arched. For a brief moment, sit on the bench. Stand back up while keeping your heels into the ground and perform this exercise to get rid of manboobs.

The Biggest Loser Ultimate Workout


The Ultimate Workout offers more than 125 exercise moves focused on upper body, lower body, cardio, yoga, and cardio boxing. Players can select from the exercise moves to create a custom fitness routine or choose from 10 pre-set fitness programs such as Belly Buster and Boot Camp. Featuring the expertise of personal trainers Bob Harper and Jillian Michaels along with the encouragement of Alison Sweeney and over 70 former contestants.

The Biggest Loser: Ultimate Workout is an exercise simulation game for Xbox 360, based on the popular The Biggest Loser television series. Utilizing seamless physical player movements only possible with Kinect for Xbox 360, The Biggest Loser: Ultimate Workout is designed to evolve along with the player’s exercise routine. Featuring the cast and trainers from the TV show, the game’s 125+ exercises, 2-4 player support via Xbox LIVE, new challenges, customization and more the game provides a fun and healthy exercise outlet suitable for every member of the family, regardless of their weight, physical ability or age.
The Biggest Loser: Ultimate Worout game logo

A Unique Biggest Loser Experience Via Kinect for Xbox 360

One of the leading interactive health and fitness video games is back with The Biggest Loser: Ultimate Workout, exclusively for Xbox 360. Utilizing the motion control abilities of Kinect for Xbox 360 (sold separately), The Biggest Loser: Ultimate Workout allows for a truly seamless and challenging workout that can be tailored to the evolving wants and needs of each player, all without ever picking up a controller. Hosted by Allison Sweeney and featuring the training talents of Bob Harper and Jillian Michaels, with this new fitness experience Xbox 360 players looking to lose a little weight, a lot of weight or maintain their current physique will are now able to enjoy more than 125 exercise moves in six different environments reminiscent of the TV show, including “The Biggest Loser” Ranch, “The Biggest Loser” Gym, “The Biggest Loser” Yoga Area and “The Biggest Loser” Boxing Ring.

The game’s workouts include warm ups, cool downs, new cardio boxing, yoga, circuit training (upper body and lower body), as well as core exercises, and allows players to create a custom fitness program or choose from ten preset fitness programs such as Belly Buster and Boot Camp. Many of these exercises can be integrated with stability balls, resistance bands and free weights (sold separately). The Biggest: Ultimate Workout also features 50 all-new recipes from the Biggest Loser Cookbook to make the game an all-encompassing weight loss tool. Additional features include: 2-4 player support via Xbox LIVE, body analyzer functionality (auto scan), a video diary, character customization, new and refurbished challenges, diet and video tips and calorie counter and more.
Jillian Michaels doing crunches on an exercise ball in The Biggest Loser: Ultimate workout
Accept the challenge of the Ultimate Workout without the need for a controller.
View larger.

Kinect for Xbox 360

Previously known as Project Natal, the Kinect sensor allows you to perform the exercises built into The Biggest Loser: Ultimate workout in a true-to-life fashion that must be experienced to be believed. Easy to use and fun for everyone, Kinect utilizes revolutionary full-body tracking to put you in the center of the fun. After configuring itself by registering a range of point across your body, this amazing new technology allows Kinect to recognize and mirror your movements in the game, in effect making your body the controller as you sweat through the physical challenges of Ultimate workout. The sensor is compatible with every Xbox 360, features a color VGA motion camera (640×480 pixel resolution @30FPS), a depth camera (640×480 pixel resolution @30FPS) and an array of 4 microphones supporting single speaker voice recognition.

Key Game Features

Personalized Training – Utilizing the amazing Kinect motion control sensors, take part in a fully dynamic workout program created to target your goals and which changes as you progress.
Lose Weight, Gain Knowledge – Choose from preset workout programs for a quick, targeted workout.
Feel the Burn – Work your entire body including upper body, core, cardio, yoga, and cardio boxing.
Success in Numbers – Build an online community and compete in weekly challenges to see who really is The Biggest Loser.
Just for You – Customize your diet with 50 new healthy recipes and track your caloric intake.
Fitness Toolbox – Add in The Biggest Loser resistance bands, stability ball, or free weights to enhance your workout.
Track Your Progress – Visually record yourself and track your journey in your own video diary.
The Biggest Loser Club – The game includes a 30-day trial membership to The Biggest Loser Club, a $19.99 value.
Additional Screenshots

Bob Harper leading a multiplayer yoga exercises in The Biggest Loser: Ultimate Workout

2-4 player support online.
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An obstacle course challenge event in The Biggest Loser: Ultimate Workout

Unique Kinect enabled events.
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Game environment and corresponding difficulty settings in The Biggest Loser: Ultimate Workout

6 environments with 5 settings.
View larger.
Jillian Michaels marching out some reps in The Biggest Loser: Ultimate Workout

Preset& customizable options.
View larger.
Product Features

Customize your diet with 50 new, healthy recipes and track your caloric intake to see if you are on track
Utilize Kinect for Xbox 360 to receive real-time feedback for immediate results as well as controller-free gameplay
Using the Body Analyzer to track your progress throughout your workout program to see the real results
Record and track your weekly progress just like the contestants in the show with your very own Video Diary
Enhance your workout with the advanced movement detection using optional the Biggest Loser resistance bands, stability ball and free weights

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