Building Shiny Apps: Web Development for R users

Want to quickly build dashboards to get insight from your data, but don’t want to spend on expensive software? Do you need a data-driven app that helps your business? Do you have a general interest in web development, but don’t know were to start? Shiny can do this and more for you. This book helps you get started to get your work done.

The aim of this book is to quickly get you started into Shiny web application development. We will cover the main tools to make you feel confident of keeping up on your own.

“Because of what I learned […], I got a consulting gig with a large microfinance bank building a Shiny app along with typical modelling. ” Jacob, PhD Candidate, US.

“Muchas gracias! This is really a great tutorial, especially the chapters 3-6” – Simeon, Russia

“Pablo Maldonado inspired me to learn more about this software and eventually to develop my own web application.” -Student from Prague.

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