AirTV: Watch Local TV Anywhere

Product Features

  • HD locals – Watch your favorite local channels in HD
  • Whole-home WiFi – Access local channels wirelessly via your home WiFi
  • Sling TV integrated – Seamlessly integrate local channels with Sling TV
  • Mobile-ready – Watch your local channels anywhere with a phone or tablet

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Algis Budrys This volume presents ten examples of Algis Budrys' shorter fiction highlighting his writing from the middle to late 1950s. These stories include famous ones such as "The End of Summer," "The Burning World," "Silent Brother," and "The Executioner" as well as lesser known gems such as "Contact Between Equals," "Never Meet Again," and "Go and Behold Them." Budrys' European upbringing gives his stories a viewpoint not often seen in those of American or British SF writers. A bibliography of Budrys' fiction, non-fiction books, and selected non-fiction articles is included. For MORE INFO please click here!