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Placement Tactics in Marketing by Major Manufacturers of Products

Large events such as the Olympic Games or concerts of famous bands are often important for the company’s image tools. Most sponsorship costs large sums. Amounts that many companies can not afford – or want.

Try it another way: the DIY chain Hornbach presented during the 2004 Olympic Games, the “Hornbach Summer Games “with disciplines such as” 400 meters of turf Men “- and made ​​the sponsor Obi the attention of sports fans in dispute.

This fight for the attention intensified. Sponsorentums with the development of the past 30 years Early 90s the term ambush marketing has ambush naturalized for activities where a company wants to benefit from the positive associations with a major event without paying royalties to the organizer.

The imagination of the marketing strategists are no limits. 1994 distributed the sporting goods manufacturer Nike before the final of the soccer World Cup between Brazil and Italy 70 000 Nike baseball caps in the colors of the Brazilian team to the fans. The stadium resembled a Nike sea during the television transmission. Such a thing is for the official sponsors more than annoying.

Are often used by non-sponsors also outstanding athletes used as an advertising medium to attract attention in the media. The 100-meter sprinter Linford Christie was released in 1996 during the Olympic Games in Atlanta on interviews with blue contact lenses that the Puma logo showed. Puma as the official sponsor Reebok stole the show.

Other companies focus on to occupy advertising space on television channels that are available during and after the transmission of the event. Kodak in 1984 the official sponsor Fuji gouged at the Olympic Games in Los Angeles by the ABC, which broadcast the competitions sponsored. Kodak received through these promotional clip more attention as Fuji Photo Film.

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